Manic Monday: Row80 Day Late, Dollar Short

Monday, September 5, 2011

Not really a dollar short, but I had to use the cliche. My mother is visiting while dad's out of town, so I haven't been very productive since Thursday afternoon. I did get my edits back on the synopsis, query, and first pages of Light and Dark, and I'm really pleased with the comments and changes. I think I'm on track to start the query process in a month or two, if I can summon up the guts.

As for The Prophet, I managed to meet my Row80 goals before Mom got here. I wanted to write the first 5000 words, and I'm just over 5500. Yay! I'm going to refocus tomorrow and hopefully get some serious writing done this week.

I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and that your Labor Day is relaxing and fun. I'll be back tomorrow with some great recipes for Tempting Tuesday:)


Angela Wallace said...

Good job! I love surpassing goals. *grin* Lol, that picture is too funny.

Stacy said...

Thanks, me too. I chose that picture because we're draining our pool this weekend:)

Anonymous said...

The query process is one of those things where you end up thinking, "Why did I think this would be a big deal?"

I have been pretty unproductive this weekend. I just needed some time off from the whole merry go round.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Enjoy your Mom. My parents visited in early August. I just planned for "no work" and lots of visiting while they were here. I was much happier for it. And on the query, YOU CAN DO IT. Glad your edits are on track.

Stacy said...

Completely understand. I'm glad you posted because I was wondering if you were affected by all the bad Texas weather.

Thanks, I did and definitely got no work done. Now trying to get back into the groove.

amy kennedy said...

Love the maniacal baby! Sounds like you're rocking it. I have done didley and squat! I haven't even checked in on ROW80 in weeks. So, you're doing great.

Stacy said...

That baby makes me laugh every time. Thanks so much. I'm happy to have met my goals, but I need to get motivated and in gear. Have been lazying around last few days. Thanks!

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