Manic Monday: I Can't Make This Sh#T Up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

There's a sex toy for dogs. No, I'm not kidding. I was browsing the Huffington Post's "Stupid Products" section when I came across it.

This has to be a joke, I thought. I turned to my trusty Google, and sure enough, it exist.

Behold, the Hotdoll:

The Huffington Post has an illustrated version:

The Hotdoll site has a lovely video naming the apparatus's attributes: curves, fluidity, contemporary, stability, and audacity. Why audacity? For it's back opening, of course. Like I said, I can't make this up. The Hotdoll is the first of its kind (imagine that!), created by the French for the maximum comfort of your pet.

The Hotdoll is only 149 Euros, or 200 American dollars. What a steal! Best of all? You can get the spare silicon part for only $20 bucks. Cause you know your boy will wear it out after a while ...

The spare part.

I would LOVE to know how many of these have been sold. The website has a community link with 20 customers listing their dogs and "companions," all with names, of course.

What do you think? Too over the top? Are you laughing yet?

26 comments: said...

I'm laughing. Do you think I should buy one for Cosmo? Who thinks of this stuff? Maybe I'm just prudish in my middle age funk. LOL

Piper Bayard said...

No. Way. Lol. You know we have our priorities screwed up when . . . . Wouldn't you like to be the person working in that factory? Yes. I make porn for dogs. Because sometimes a leg just isn't enough.

Stacy said...

Me too, lol. Although my first thought was: do they make one for girls? Because it's my 10 lb FEMALE mini doxie that nails the boy. Every night. It's hilarious and embarrassing when we have company. LOL, that dog is bigger than Cosmo will ever be.

Exactly! I couldn't believe it was actually real. LMAO, at least they'd have something interesting to talk about at dinner parties!

Thanks, ladies!

donna galanti said...

Stacy, I am laughing so hard reading this! OMG...who knew??

Stacy said...

I KNOW! I was just dying. I thought the Post was bsing, but nope. It's real.

Beverly Diehl said...

Wow. I mean, seriously, wow.

Though I guess it's better than the old-fashioned version, the people who let their horny dogs hump your leg when you dare to visit. "Oh, isn't Rex such a scamp?!" "No, Rex is disgusting, and if you don't get him off my leg, you're going to have a flying 'scamp'."

Besides... $200 bucks, for a DOG sex toy? *I* haven't ever spent $200 for a sex toy for ME.

Kelly Hashway said...

Okay, that's just crazy! Who thinks of these things?

Stacy said...

LOL. I've never understood how people aren't mortified by that. I would be totally humiliated. LMAO, me either. I still want to see some sales figures!

People with way too much time on their hands, lol!

Thanks for stopping by!

The East Coaster said...

Not only is this post hilarious, but Beverly's comment has me rolling on the floor.

cynthiarobertson said...

I think that this is taking doggie happiness to an extreme that only the French would consider. Too funny, Stacy. I had to show my husband this post. We are laughing...
Love it.

Stacy said...

East Coast
LOL, I know it. So true, though.

Good point. It's definitely got the French stamp on it. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, guys!

Julie Glover said...

Unbelievable! And yet, there it is. I'm trying to figure out why it's $200. At that price, I'm thinking I can design something with modeling clay. In fact, I'm jumping off to design my website for the competing product, "Clay Play for Dogs." Or maybe cats.

Seriously, this is hilarious and way off kelter. Thanks for sharing, Stacy. (I think.)

Stacy said...

LMAO. But modeling clay wouldn't be as flexible or durable. After all, the contemporary style and curves are needed to entice the animal.

I can't believe we're talking about this! Thanks:)

Sara Grambusch said...

OMG this is not what I was expecting. I know dogs like to hump things but that doesn't mean we have to put a canine sex toy in the living room. Hilarious as a joke...but too weird for me in reality.

I love the Huffington post :)

Stacy said...

What were you expecting, lol? It just blew my mind. Can you imagine having one of those in your house?


Mark R Hunter said...

I think the scary part is that you know somewhere, some human is buying it for himself ...

Natalie said...


O.M.G. this is hilarious - totally something I'd blog about - love it! :)) Can you imagine?!? I would never even consider buying this for a real dog but WHAT a great gag gifts (expensive though)! I can't wait to tell hubby, he'll roll over laughing, I am sure. Especially at the illustration. LOL!!!

Angela Wallace said...

Good lord. Let's hope they don't start selling them in the pet stores. If the stock dwindles, it could be like Black Friday knockdowns for the hounds.

Stacy said...

I never even thought of that, but you're absolutely right. *Shudders*

I knew you'd appreciate this one! It would be an awesome gag gift! A Xmas or birthday to remember, that's for sure. Hope your hubs enjoys.

So true. With the way people in the States are about their dogs, it honestly wouldn't surprise me.

Thanks for commenting, guys!

Nancy MacMillan said...

Your titles always grab me, I had to check it out. No idea what you found. Couldn't believe my eyes. Would love to know the story behind this one . . . This takes some kind of prize. And has tongues wagging. What a kick!!

Stacy said...

Yay! I work hard on my titles, lol. Me, too. You have to wonder what someone was imbibing when they came up with this. Thanks!

Liz said...

Oh. My. God.

This is way too funny. Of course, as much as I love my dogs, they are pretty clueless about this kind of thing. Chinle hasn't figured out why dogs hump yet. Gumbo humps any part of another dog, including the head or side. It's rare, actually, that he manages to get oriented correctly when humping. Maybe a Hotdoll would help him practice his technique? No, I don't think so!

This does remind me of the Adam Sandler movie where he's got the magical remote and the dog has the big yellow duck. Really, you can't tell which one is more obsessed with their toy.

I'm pinning this on Pinterest because, well, just because.

Stacy said...

My boy dogs have no interest in it. Getting them fixed apparently took care of the problem. But my doxie female nails the boy every night in their kennel. It's pretty funny; he just groans like she's bugging him.

Thanks for the shoutout and comment!

Erin Moxam said...

Wow, that's all I can say.

Naty Matos said...

When you think you have heard it all something else pops up.'s crazy that someone thought of making it, but crazier that it has a market for it, again, just wow.

Stacy said...

I know. That about sums it up.

Exactly. I'm still laughing at it. And I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the initial pitch session!


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