Manic Monday: When I'm Rich and Famous

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dreams are the stuff life's made of, right? Well, when I become a rich and famous writer, I have a list waiting to spend my money.

I know, I know. Most writer's don't earn enough to quit their day job, and if they do, it's still not big bucks.

Don't burst my bubble.

In all seriousness, I do have a few plans. Right now, I only bring in pocket money by babysitting one child. I'm looking to add another, but I still won't make that much. So when (and I say when because I'm feeling optimistic this morning. It WILL happen) I'm published, any money will be great.

My hope is that by the second book, I'll at least be bringing in a small paycheck. If I'm traditionally published, I know I won't get a big advance, if I get one at all. But since optimism is winning this morning, I'm sharing my big plan with you.

With my writing money, I'm going to build a four seasons room. Supposedly they cost between 5K and 10K, so that's a ways off. But I want to either build it off our deck with an entrance from there and our bedroom, or if I hit the big time, I'll tear out the old deck and have the four seasons room replace it, and then build a new deck on the other side of the house. That would be awesome.

Of course my four seasons room will be a writing haven. Lots of light, comfy seating, room for my hutch that I currently have no room for, and all around peace and quiet. There will be a few plants, some color. My writing desk and a bookshelf...

Can you see it? I can. It's going to happen. I'm going to will it so.

We all have dreams about our writing. Some of us do want to make big money, some just want to make extra. Others don't care about the money and just want the validation, to see our name in print. Some, like me, are a mix of the two. I want to share my writing with others and for them to enjoy it, but I'd like to see some profit as well.

Dreams are good. They help keep us motivated and give us something to work toward, especially on the days we want to hang it all up. You know what I'm talking about. Those days you wonder WTF you're doing wasting your time writing, you think you'll never be read, etc. Dreams help save us from those miseries. Your dream doesn't have to be materialistic, like mine. Maybe you want to have that printed cover framed and hanging over your desk. Or perhaps you're planning on keeping a scrapbook of all your best reviews. Whatever they are, cling to those dreams.

Keeping our butts in the chair and writing is the only thing that's going to achieve those dreams. But it doesn't hurt to have a reminder of our end goal to reach for when times are tough.

What are you writing dreams?


Kelly Hashway said...

This sounds boring in comparison, but I just want to make enough money that I can work from home as a writer and be able to be home when my daughter gets off the bus. I want to be free to attend all her school functions and just be an active part of her life. That's what my mom did for me, and we have a great relationship. I want to have that with my daughter.

Stacy said...

That is NOT boring. I'm lucky enough I can already do that as long as I do childcare, but the budget is tight. Your goal is the most important one of all. My mom did the same, which is why I wanted to stay home with her. I'm lucky.


Beverly Diehl said...

Someone suggested I do a vision board, and though part of me said, ick, that sounds corny, I'm glad I did. My vision board has photos of famous libraries, headings like "NY Times Best-Seller Lists" and lots and lots of pictures of babies and toddlers (which in dream psychology have to do with new ideas and projects.) It was fun to make it, and every time I look at it I feel inspired to keep crawling and toddling towards those dreams.

Susi Bocks said...

Thank you for your thoughts! I'm relatively new to the writing game, but I've always had a deep love for expression, any form. I don't know that I have a specific end dream to come out of my writing, but rather just a desire to be heard. If I had one dream, though, it would be to be allowed to do this for the rest of my life.

Stacy said...

A vision board? That sounds like a great idea. I might have to do that myself. Thanks for stopping by, and keep working toward that dream:)

You're welcome. A desire to be heard is a great dream in itself. To write for the rest of our lives does sound great, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want money. I don't need a private jet, boat, sports car whatever. I'd just like to be able to move into a nicer apartment where the electrical outlets don't spark and the walls aren't hollowed out by termites. (Your room sounds very lovely, Stacy.)

My dream is to make enough so I can take care of my mom and she won't have to keep working so hard. I picked a day job I'll love (hopefully for a while) and it will give me time to write, so here's hoping dreams come true soon. :-)

Girl Parker said...

Stacy, I think your dream is gorgeous!! And I completely agree. If we don't look ahead and interior decorate our dreams, they sure won't happen, and we won't know why we put ourselves through this. My dream is similar most, I guess: Bye bye to the day job and do what I want with my schedule. I want to work, but on my work, not someone else's. Keep going, Stacy!!

Jessica R. Patch said...

I'd like to send both my kids back to private school. It's expensive, but I really loved it. (Not that anything is wrong with public)

I'd like to have a nice big front porch and a screened in back porch. I love to write outside.

I'd love to earn enough that a percentage of every book sale went to a ministry that I love so much! Project Rescue--rescuing girls in India from the sex trafficking and slavery industry. To see a new building go up to house them would be amazing. One day, I'll get to go over there. Looking forward to that.

And...I'd like to spend a couple of weeks in Italy with just my man! ha! :)

Stacy said...

A nice apartment with safe outlets sounds great, Angela. And taking care of your mom is something I can understand. Good luck with your dreams. I hope you continue to love your day job. That's a big plus!

Girl Parker
Thanks! I can't wait to have it, lol. Thanks for posting and good luck to you as well.

Private school is a good one. Me too. I just hate the bugs that come with. Project Rescue sounds like a wonderful ministry, too. Good for you for thinking of others.

Annie Boreson said...

I think dreams are the only way to achieve goals. I used to sit in Barnes and Noble right in front of the shelf where my book would be located. I have since stopped that...but I do have a vision board. One year almost the entire board came true...right down to the same hotel in Thailand that I had a photo of. I didn't know the name of it or a clue how I was going to get there...let alone pay for it! I just liked the photo I pulled from a magazine and put it on the board. Dreams come true!

Stacy said...

I have done similar things in B&N. Strolling past the shelves, daydreaming of seeing my name among the bestsellers.

Wow on your vision board, and good for you for making it come true! Thanks for posting.

Stacy said...

And Piper, for some reason your comment comes to my email but isn't showing up here, lol. I completely understand about paying off debts. That's one of mine, too.

Lyn Midnight said...

I want a... library. And a POOL. Omg, and a house on the beach, and... wait a minute. Are you Santa? Do I only have to wish one thing? Or wait.. am I being punk'ed. Oooh, I'm only supposed to share my dream not wish it. Hmm, start over? Better not.

(Sorry for my nuttiness today, lol.)

Thanks for sharing, Stacy! I think it's a good idea, and I love it when people dream big and open. We are as big as our dreams. ^_^

Diem Burden said...

I think my Dream is that people will actually like what I write - that would make all the effort worthwhile. If they pay for the privilege, even better but I just want others to say, 'Yeah, I like his work...'

Stacy said...

A beach house would be awesome. LOL, I wish I was Santa. I'd be jolly year round! You're welcome. Thanks for commenting.

That's a great dream. Earning the respect of others is something everyone craves. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My big dream is to make enough to money to buy some real acreage. Like 50+ acres.* In the Hill Country. Then, I'd build a replica of Destrehan Plantation on it. My writing room would face the view of the valley. In the spring, I'd run in the bluebonnets with my little dog. We'd have picnics and bark at birds.

[*We've discussed my neighbors privately, so you know why. I never want to live this close to people again.]

Realistically, I'd like to make enough to help us move to maybe 5 or 10 acres. Perhaps my writing money will be the difference between living in a mobile home and a log cabin.

More than anything, I want the validation. In 38 years of living, I have nothing I'm proud to have done. I'd like the writing to be what I'm proud I was able to do.

Make sense?

Elizabeth Young said...

I'd like to do exactly what I'm doing right now but be able to sell enough of my work to support myself.
P.S. Mondays are called Manic Mondays over at The Garden Gate also because I do a feature on mental illness.

Stacy said...

Ooh, an acreage. That would be nice. And a replica of Destrehan? You and I are so much alike. And yes, I totally understand why you want to get out of dodge.

I know exactly what you mean. I can say I'm proud of my daughter, but otherwise I feel like I've just floated along in life. The validation would be awesome.


Stacy said...

Selling work to support ourselves would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

Wow, I hope I didn't offend you with the title. I had a hard time coming up with something for Monday. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kelly's comment makes me cry. Really. I've given up a lot to be here, but I still may have to give it up. If writing could make it so I don't have that worry, well, there are no words.

It's funny. Money and the ability to redecorate would be awesome. But I love the idea of publishing and catching the eye of an author/actor/personality I admire. A kudos from someone that impresses me would go a long way.

I'm a simple gal. And a cheap date. :)

MuMuGB said...

I like your dream. Mine would be to publish a book and have enough time to take care of my daughters. It is lovely to see them grow up!

Stacy said...

I know what you mean. Kelly's comment is really what it's all about. And that's so true, a kudos from a respected peer would be awesome.

LOL, you're far from simple. Thanks for stoppin by!

Thanks! Your dream is pretty great, too. It is amazing to be able to stay home and be part of their lives. Doing that without watching every penny would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I just want to write - I don't want to have to worry about money, therefore I guess I need a lot of it stocked up with a few NYTBS. I never in a million years thought I'd want to stay home all day, but I'm having a love affair with my computer now and cringe at the thought of getting back into the workforce.

Oh, and I want someone to love my books as much as I love Patterson and Cornwell - and they are made into movies. :)

Alta said...

My 9yo daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy last year. Right now, there aren't many big names drawing attention to the need for research funding. That's what I'm working toward. I hope one day I can make a difference for them and help raise awareness and funding. So when I'm afraid to query, or editing becomes hard, or the story might not be flowing how I want, I remember it's not about me.

Stacy said...

I know what you mean. Staying at home on your own schedule is wonderful. I was supposed to go back to work when Grace went to kindergarten, but with child care, I'm going to stick it out and keep writing. Ah, to see your book made into a movie. That would be awesome!

Stacy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. That's got to be very scary. Good for you working toward such an important cause. You've got a great motivator, and I hope it all works out for you.

Thanks for stopping by:)

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