About Me

Long-time writer, first time blogger! I love a good suspense/thriller and am currently working on a psychological thriller of my own.

I grew up watching crime shows with my dad and soap operas with my mom (R.I.P As The World Turns and Guiding Light), so it's no surprise I'm a sucker for a good suspense novel with some romance thrown in.

When I'm not writing or navigating through the sea of social media, you'll find me playing with my precocious five-year-old daughter and trying to find a quiet moment for myself. My husband says I watch way too many true crime shows and shakes his head when I spout off my latest research on serial killers.

Don't worry, my life isn't all about the macabre. I love to garden - roses and lilies are my favorites - and I'm also learning to cook healthy after having reached my weight loss goal of 64 pounds.

The boring stuff: degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University with a minor in Sociology. At Drake, I wrote for the newspaper and Drake Magazine and helped to launch 515 Magazine, which now serves as the city magazine for Des Moines. After graduation, I wound up in advertising where I worked until the birth of my miracle child (we beat the odds of genetics) in December 2005. I chose to stay at home with her and my love for writing was reborn.

One long romance novel later (a work that will never see the light of day), I got serious about my writing career and began my current WIP, a thriller set in Las Vegas.

Five Random Facts About Me:

- I'd love to renovate an authentic Victorian - preferably a haunted one.
- I have seven brothers and sisters.
- I grew up in a haunted house.
- I'm a great listener and a terrible talker.
- I believe Dexter is one of the best characters ever created.