Tempting Tuesday: Three Must-See Summer Movies

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We’re talking about summer movies today on Tempting Tuesday. There are quite a few coming out I’d like to see; some will be blockbusters, some critical winners. Here are three I’ve put on my must-see list!

Horrible Bosses

Have you seen the previews for this? If not, here's the trailer. This movie looks hysterical. Starring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Keven Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Colin Farrell, it’s packing an all-star cast.

Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day are three guys sick of their nasty bosses, played by Aniston, Farrell, and Spacey. This looks to be another great comedic turn by Spacey. He plays an egotistical, uptight tyrant who enjoys torturing Bateman. I’m also looking forward to seeing Aniston in this movie, because she’s something other than the girl next door. She’s Day’s boss, a maneating dentist who practically dry-humps Day every chance she gets. And then there’s Farrell. Looking like a redneck used car salesman, he assigns Sudeikis the task of firing people that offend him, including a handicapped man and an obese woman he calls ‘Fat Joanne.’

Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day don’t have the guts to face their tormenters on their own, so guided by Jamie Foxx, they enter into a plot to kill each other’s boss. I’m not quite sure how they justify that, but I want to find out.

They meet with trouble at every turn, and the bosses are formidable targets. With a unique plot, Horrible Bosses looks like it’s utilizing its star power well with all the actors delivering strong comedic performances.

Horrible Bosses opens Friday, July 8. Will you see it?

Cowboys and Aliens

The title alone peaked my interest. Add in Harrison Ford, and I’m hooked. The movie also stars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, and Paul Dano.

Craig wakes up in the desert with no memory of who he is. He stumbles into a town called Absolution. Controlled by Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford), the town doesn’t like strangers. Ford sets out after Craig, but his plan is interrupted with the arrival of fire-wielding aliens from the sky.

Prisoners are taken during the attack, including Ford’s son. The town bands together and turns to Craig for help. His memory returns in bits and pieces, and he realizes he has information that could save the town from the aliens. I’m assuming this relates to the weird-looking metal wristband he wears.

Olivia Wilde is a bit of a mystery. She’s Craig’s love interest and is eventually revealed to have survived a previous alien attack while the rest of her town was destroyed. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

What looks cool about this movie is that it’s set in the Old West. As far as I know, that’s a new twist on the whole alien invasion plot. Gunslingers fighting futuristic technology they know nothing about? Bring it on. Of course, the metal device on Craig’s wrist is some sort of weapon, and I have a hunch that once he learns how to use it, he’ll be kicking some alien butt.

Directed by Jon Favereau, Cowboys and Aliens opens July 29. What do you think?

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part Two

I’ve saved the best for last. If you haven’t seen the movies, you should so you’re ready to watch this one. Just seeing the last two movies will shortchange you of Rowling’s plotting brilliance. And yes, I think she’s brilliant. Anyone who could create a world like Hogwarts and build her books from a simple mystery to more complex ones as her characters (and main audience) grows is pretty damned smart to me.

Deathly Hallows is the ultimate must-see summer movie, and not just because we get to watch Harry and Voldemort face off, but because it’s the final in a series of movies that have done a remarkable job sticking to the books. There have been ups and downs, but the HP franchise has done a solid job bringing Rowling’s amazing world and characters to life. The last two movies—The Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, Part 1—were awesome adaptations of two great books. If you’ve not watched Harry Potter, you’re missing out.

I won’t say too much about Part Two as I know there are a lot of people who haven’t read the book. And that’s a shame, because it’s her masterpiece. She weaves her plot and subplots together seamlessly, and after six books of dropping clues, doesn’t disappoint with the final battle.

I will tell you there’s a dragon, deaths, and tears. Bring Kleenex. And not just because of losing some of the characters, but for the bittersweet experience of seeing the last movie. For people like myself, who’ve been watching since The Sorcerer’s Stone, we’ve watched Radcliffe and Co. grow up. They’ve kept their heads in a world of craziness, and it’s kind of like a proud mama watching her babies go off into the real world. I’ll miss seeing them together, and I’ll definitely missing waiting on the next Harry Potter movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens July 15. Don’t miss this one!

Honorable Mention: Captain America.

I’m not usually big on superheros, but this one looks interesting. Chris Evans stars as a scrawny dude getting his butt kicked. He’s picked by the military to be part of a scientific experiment to create super fighters. He ends up being the only one left and sets out to defend the country. The acting looked strong in this one, and it’s probably going to be one of those action/feel-good movies.

What are your must-see movies this summer?


Sara Grambusch said...

I don't think anything is going to top X-Men First Class for me. I love all the X-Men movies, but was still shocked at what a stellar film this was.

I didn't bother to see the previous Harry Potter movie because the films are pretty lack luster to me, but I plan on watching Part One and seeing Part Two because how can I NOT?

Lyn Midnight said...

I will not only bring Kleenex, but I suspect I'll have to bring some towels as well, and maybe a muffling device. If they let me in with so much carry-on. My God, WHY! Why must it be over. :S

Did I mention I'm talking about Harry Potter? :P

And you know what, I agree that it's her masterpiece. I read it twice and I didn't pay the same attention to book 5 or 6, so there.

And I suppose the other movies look okay, too. I like the name Absolution for a town and Harrison Ford is one of the yummies. Thanks, Stacy!

Stacy said...

I haven't seen X-Men. I enjoyed the others but wasn't sure I'd like the new one. I'll have to check it out.

I enjoyed all the Potter films, altho 4 and 5 definitely had issues. The last two have been great, IMO.

LOL, I know what you mean. It's hard to believe this is the last one, and I'm dreading it as much as I'm looking forward to it.

I think Cowboys and Aliens will be interesting:)

Jen J. Danna said...

Just a point to add to the above comment on X-Men - I saw it two nights ago and really liked it. I'm assuming it's considered a reboot (otherwise their retconning is pretty far off...) but it was very enjoyable and the casting was well done. Worth seeing in my opinion.

As for the films you've listed, I've seen a few trailers for Cowboys and Aliens and was pretty intrigued by it. And Harry Potter is a must see in our household (when we saw X-Men, the HP trailer came on and I nearly had to hold my 16 y/o daughter down, she was bouncing so much in excitement!). I just have a rule with HP films... no reading the book beforehand. I learned that one the hard way with Goblet of Fire. I haven't read Deathly Hallows since it came out and I think I'll leave it that way (otherwise I spend the movie thinking 'they did that wrong... they missed that plot point').

Also, Captain America looks like it might be good. I like popcorn superhero films for their straight enjoyment factor, but I also like period pieces. Two for the price of one in this film.

Stacy said...

Another vote for X-Men! I'm going to have to see it now.

I haven't got to see the HP trailer in the theater. I thought we'd see it for sure yesterday in front of Transformers, but no go. I know what you mean - Goblet of Fire is the film I think they really missed the mark on. Order of the Phoenix was better, but Half-Blood Prince and DH Part 1 really nailed the books.

Popcorn superhero films - great term!

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I'd see Horrible Bosses--with a cast like that, it'd be hard to go wrong. Plus, I love seeing Aniston in anything other than the girl next door roles.

Annie Boreson said...

I think the only one that peaks my interest is Horrible Bosses, since I'm a huge Spacey fan. The next time I go out I might have to see The Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris. Those two are calling me! Thanks Stacy!

Stacy said...

Jennifer - I agree. The cast should be awesome unless the plot is just terrible, but it doesn't look like it.

Spacey is great. My best friend met him in NYC a few years ago, and she's still glowing, lol.

I'm going to have to check out the two you mentioned.


Stacy S. Jensen said...

I hope to see "Midnight in Paris" soon. Several writers told me it was a must see. Today, I passed along a Stylish Award to you. I've enjoyed your posts and following your writing adventure.

Stacy said...

Wow, thanks Stacy! Do I get that from your blog? Sorry, I'm new to these awards things.

And I'm going to have to check out Midnight in Paris as well!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Look at my blog and you can see the jpeg for the award and the rules. I know it feels like the blog world's version of a chain letter, but there's link love involved. I couldn't find your email address or I would send you the jpg. My email is stacysjensen@gmail.com, if you want to email me and I'll send you the jpg.

Jessica R. Patch said...

I plan to see Horrible Bosses and Harry Potter. You just can't watch Potter on DVD.

I hadn't heard of Cowboys and Aliens. I do love Harrison Ford, though. :)

Stacy said...

Oh heck no. Potter is a theater movie for sure. You should check out the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens.


Anonymous said...

I have been dying to see Horrible Bosses! I will probably skip out on Harry Potter, but only because I haven't seen the other movies and would like to watch in order. I know, I know; what is wrong with me?

Anonymous said...

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Stacy said...

I have too. Should be really good. And you should definitely see the other HP's before the last one. LOL. You're just a little crazy:)

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