#Row80 Midweek Check-In 7/27/11 and Doggie Sickness.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My poor, sick puppy.

What a day! As some of you following me on Facebook know, one of my dogs got sick on Sunday. What is it about dogs and getting sick on the weekends? Anyway, he was throwing up so we had to go to the vet. She thought he got into something, gave him fluids, etc. So on Monday I'm suddenly sick as a dog - literally. I never get that kind of sick. And I forget to give Sammy his meds, then Rob feeds him regular dog food instead of hamburger and rice. He keeps it down though, and I think we're all good, so I gave him some more yesterday. Starts throwing up again. Back to the vet today, same old, same old.

Now, Rob laughed at me when I said I was sure the dog got me sick. But guess what? The vet said that's probably exactly what happened and gave Sammy another antibiotic. So a big raspberry to my hubby!

Oh, and then our Internet went down today, and it turned out to be a broken modem. Our provider couldn't get out until Wednesday, so I hauled my butt over to the other side of town and exchanged it.

It does pour when it rains.

As for #Row80 ... meh since Sunday. My mom's been visiting, so I haven't had as much time. I have gotten through quite a bit of my critique partner's edits on Light and Dark, so I'm feeling good with that.

The Prophet, you ask? Yeah, not so much. It's suffering as of late, but I plan to cure that the next few days. Grace went to visit Mamaw and Papaw, so I'll have blissful silence.

Things are going awesome on the blog side. My comments and followers are growing, so thank you guys!

I want to give a shoutout to Jenny Hansen's Microsoft Word Party post over at More Cowbell. Tons of great tricks about Microsoft Word with easy instructions. Thanks, Jenny!

And for laugh out loud funny, check out Piper Bayard's post, A Time To Receipt.

How are your #Row80 goals coming? Happy writing!


Wendy Jane said...

Aw, sorry about the puppy. That's always hard. Hope he has a speedy recovery, and you too. I hear you about not being able to get to your writing. I'm supposed to have people over this weekend and I'm dreading what that will do to my WIP. Hang in there. Sunny skies will return!

Stacy said...

Thanks, Wendy. Hopefully he'll feel better soon. I always feel guilty trying to sneak writing time in when I have company, but even if you can spend fifteen minutes before bed it helps.

Anonymous said...

Poor puppy. I hope he feels better soon, and you. ;-) You know what I like about the twice a week check-in? If you're not doing well for one half of the week, you get motivated by the check-in to step it up, and so by the time the entire week is over, you haven't really fallen flat on your face. Yes? No?

Good luck with the rest of the week! (With writing, puppy, and life.)

Stacy said...

Thanks. I think he is, at least for now. Hopefully we don't have another downswing.

That's very true about the weekly check-in. Now that I've FINALLY got Thursday's blog post up, I can devote all day to writing.

Thanks so much:)

Ruth Nestvold said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the dog -- and you! Hope the writing is going better now that all are recovered!

Leslie Rose said...

Poor pup. Kids and pets do have an uncanny knack for getting sick on the weekends or when you have an "I gotta be there" day at work.

Stacy said...

Ruth and Leslie
Thanks. He had surgery yesterday for a foreign body. Stable right now but still risk of complications. Will keep updated on here.

bridget said...

I hope your puppy is feeling better! Who knew you could get sick from your dog?

Stacy said...

Turns out that's not what caused my sickness. He had a foreign body and had surgery on Friday. Thanks@

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