Light and Dark, The Novel

Light and Dark is the working title of my suspense thriller set in Las Vegas. I'm currently editing and hope to be ready to query by late fall.

The day begins with the delivery of a mysterious vase of white Casablanca lilies. Emilie Davis assumes they’re a mistake. She has no idea a stranger has fixated on her.

Two masked men storm the bank demanding money. Soon, it becomes clear this is no ordinary bank robbery. One of the men has come for Emilie.

The creepy stranger speaks to Emilie like a lover and knows more about her than he should. Despite her growing terror, Emilie finds solace in talking to hostage negotiator Nathan Madigan.

SWAT storms the bank, but the stranger has other plans for Emilie. He drags her into the basement where she fights for her life. Before authorities can apprehend him, he slithers into the underworld of the Las Vegas Tunnels.

Hostage negotiator Nathan Madigan feels responsible for the escape. After a brutal childhood mistake, his life is devoted to helping others. He and Emilie soon grow close—a complication for her captor.

Emilie’s stalker is everywhere and nowhere. Sick of being the victim, Emilie takes matters into her own hands. As the Taker closes in, determined to steal Emilie from the rest of the world, can Emilie face her fears and be as ruthless as he is?